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Stobińska Group

Welcome to the Webpage of our Group!

We are a junior research group directed by Dr. habil. Magdalena Stobińska. Our research focuses on investigation of multiphoton and macroscopic quantum states of light. These states have been demonstrated in experiments based on parametric down conversion. We investigate non-classical effects and entanglement in these states as a resource for quantum technologies: quantum information, metrology, cryptography, memories. As the macroscopic quantum states are interacting efficiently with matter, we investigate their interaction with polaritons, which are spin-½ quasiparticles living in semiconductor microcavity, and organic molecules. We are also interested in fundamental aspects, such as Bell inequalities.

Everyone visiting our Webpage is encouraged to contact us! :)

Since January 2017 Dr. habil. Stobińska stays as a visiting professor at the Department of Physics, University of Oxford. Here is her Oxford webpage.

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